What to see in Oslo and where to go

The city of Oslo attracts tourists with its unique natural scenery, pleasant atmosphere, and a combination of historical buildings.


In the very center of the city is the Royal Palace – an elegant monument of architecture of the XIX century, built in the classical style. A monument to King Johan XIV is erected on the square in front of the palace, and a huge picturesque park surrounds the building.

Royal Palace

Tourists are welcome here only in summer, when various art exhibitions and excursions along the corridors and rooms of the palace open. You can stroll through the beautiful park at any time; visitors will appreciate the designer’s approach to the design of the park. There are many flowering plants, artificial ponds, long stone paths, beautiful sculptures.

Royal Palace park

The medieval fortress of Akershus is one of the most visited places in Oslo. Behind the thick stone walls of the fortress lies an exquisitely beautiful castle with a chapel built in the Renaissance style. On the territory of the castle, tourists will be able to get acquainted with the military history of Norway. Ancient weapons, military documents and artifacts are exhibited here. In the chapel you can visit the tombs of famous Norwegian monarchs. A walk along the walls of the fortress will delight you with magnificent views of the harbor and the city itself.


In Oslo, the Viking Ship Museum is definitely worth a visit. The museum houses original wooden boats built in the 9th century.

Viking Ship Museum

Ancient ships spent more than 1000 years on the seabed, after which they became available for viewing by the world community. There are three ships in total, each occupies its own hall.

The next attraction of the Norwegian capital gathered 3 museums under its roof at once. The City Historical Museum occupies a four-story building. The State Museum of Antiquities is located on the first floor, the Collection of Coins and Medals is located on the second floor, the Ethnographic Museum fills the third and fourth floors. The variety of exhibits will not leave visitors indifferent, in addition to the exposition of the history of Norway, there are many other objects of life and life of different peoples of the world.

The City Historical Museum

Fine art connoisseurs will love the exhibition of paintings by famous artists at the National Gallery. For lovers of history, the Cathedral, Aker Church, the Nobel Peace Center, and the Maritime Museum are open.

National Gallery

Modern places
The symbol of the city is Oslo City Hall. Here are the meetings of the Norwegian Parliament. The Nobel Prize is awarded every year. The architectural ensemble consists of a central building and several towers of different heights. Simple geometric shapes, reddish-brown hues, antique clocks on the facade give the building a solemn look. In front of the Town Hall there is a large square with fountains and sculptures. The premises can be accessed on a tour of several halls.

Oslo City Hall

Vigeland Park is a great place to relax, it is full of not only tourists, but also the townspeople themselves.
The vast territory of the park will include more than 200 works by a Norwegian sculptor named Vigeland. The statues depict people and their emotions, each conveying its own philosophical meaning. In the evening, thousands of lights are lit in the park, so you can look at various exhibits or just walk among the green landscapes until late at night.

Vigeland Park

The ultra-modern building of the Opera House of the city attracts the attention of visiting tourists.
The building resembles a huge glass and concrete iceberg on the shores of the Oslo Fjord. The sloping roof of the theater comes to the very edge of the water, here, according to the architects, you can safely walk and admire the gorgeous view of Oslo. The rear fa├žade of the building is clad in solar panels that supply the theater with electricity. You can get inside and appreciate the unusual interior as part of organized groups.

Opera House

Fans of active entertainment should also visit the amusement park called “Tusenfried“, a sports center in Holmenkollen.


And supporters of a relaxing holiday can enjoy the silence in the Botanical Garden, which contains a large collection of plants and flowers from all over the world.