What makes Bali so attractive?

Bali is located in Southeast Asia. It annually attracts thousands and thousands of tourists with its beauties. The coast of the island has a sloping sea coast, mangrove forests grow in the southeast, the Batur volcano is located in the northeast. In the south of Bali there are beaches with white or gray sand, black – prevails in the northern and western parts of the island.

What to do in Bali? Someone goes to Bali for the beauties of natural landscapes. Fascinating view of volcanoes, magical colors of the sea coast, exotic views of rice fields and local jungles. All this makes an impression.

Others just want to bask in the rays of the gentle sun and want to swim in the warm waters of the ocean. Bali provides excellent conditions for such a beach holiday. The average temperature, for example, in the winter period, which begins in June, is about 28 C0 during the day, the water temperature is about the same.

In Bali, you can also go surfing, snorkeling, rafting, diving, paragliding, quad biking or biking through the jungle. Which resort should you go to? The answer to this question depends on what type of vacation you prefer. For example, the Nusa Dua resort is more suitable for lovers of a passive beach holiday. This is perhaps one of the most sophisticated resorts in Bali. More than a dozen five-star hotels are located on the territory of Nusa Dua. There is a shopping center, spas, golf and squash courts. You can wait out the low tides in a villa with a saltwater pool.

There are no noisy discos there, the territory is guarded. You will find the same kind of conditions for relaxation in the resort of Lovina. This village is known for its pleasant family atmosphere. Many people come here because dolphins live in the vicinity of Lovina https://www.lonelyplanet.com/indonesia/bali/lovina. And tourists can communicate with wild dolphins, feed and pet animals.

If you prefer to actively spend your holidays, you can go to Legian. This village is a paradise for surfers. Wide sandy beach, calm atmosphere. There are good conditions for practicing and other water sports. Nusa Lembongan is located 12 km from Bali. This small island has become a popular place for relaxing holidays.

The southern beaches are great for diving. Surfers prefer Dzhungut Batu, where almost all the hotels and cafes of the island are located. There are many more wonderful places in Bali where a curious tourist can go. You can’t cover them all in one article. We only note that the island of Nusa Penida is famous as a reserve of tropical birds. The safari park contains several hundred animals, where you can feed a zebra or pet a lion cub. The island has its own zoo, bird and reptile park.

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