What is pilgrimage tourism in Greece

Today, among travel enthusiasts, you can often hear such a thing as pilgrimage tourism. Greece is one of the most popular countries where pilgrimage tourism is most developed. Greece is a beautiful, colorful country, it is here that there are many attractions, including ancient buildings, which tourists come to see.

What is pilgrimage tourism?

For those travelers who are not yet familiar with such a concept, you first need to figure out what it is. Pilgrimage tourism is a religious journey where you will visit holy places that are especially significant for believers. Even in ancient times, people loved to travel in order to learn more about faith, religion and to know themselves.

The ancient Greeks were especially fond of long-distance travel in order to pay tribute to the most significant shrines that were located in different Greek cities. Most often they visited such sacred policies as Dinim, Olympia, Delphi, Ephesus and others.

In order to make such a journey, it requires a special attitude. But trust me, you will love it. Here the emotions will be completely different, the energy and atmosphere will be indescribable.

During this trip you will be able to visit and see:

  • Valuable relics and miraculous icons;
  • Holy relics and numerous temples, cathedrals and ancient monasteries.

In order to see even the main religious sights, you will need a transfer around Greece. A pre-arranged transfer around Greece will make the trip as convenient and comfortable as possible, visiting all the most important cities, churches, places where relics are stored.

The most unusual pilgrimage sights?

Temple of Panagia Plataniotissa. The temple is located high in the mountains, while you go to it, you can enjoy stunning panoramas, the Korifinsky Canal, a small mountain village. In addition, you can visit local restaurants and taste amazing Greek dishes.

Church of Saint Photina. The church is unusual, very original, the architect wanted to embody in it a symbiosis of Christian culture and Ancient Greek – he did it very harmoniously.

Agia Theodora. Temple with a fantastic history, unusual appearance.

These places are truly amazing and unique. Having visited them, you will believe that miracles surround you everywhere.

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