Trift Bridge, Switzerland

The mountains of Switzerland have always attracted tourists. One of the amazing places in the Swiss mountains is the Trift hut. When visiting the hut, there is a demonstration of the Trift Glacier.

After the lower part of the glacier thawed in 2002, it became impossible to visit the hut. In the Swiss Alps, after the melting of the glacier, Lake Trift appeared. This lake has become a decoration of the small town of Gadmen in the canton of Bern.

Much to the delight of local residents and tourists, a local energy company has taken up the challenge. In 2004, the company was supposed to carry out hydraulic and electrical works near the Trift Glacier. Thus, the longest suspension bridge with a length of 170 meters appeared in the Alps. The bridge is built over Lake Trift at an altitude of about 100 meters.

As soon as the bridge was built, it immediately became one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. This was not surprising, since the suspension bridge is an aerial structure that does not inspire much confidence. Rope railings, boards that have rotted, a large swinging amplitude when walking – considering all this, there is no need to talk about trust. However, it is impossible to build a bridge with a different design in such a place, and besides, it is inexpedient from an economic point of view.

I must say that the bridge has many advantages, in particular, this applies to tourism. Since such a bridge creates an atmosphere of romance, it has become one of the most picturesque places.

In 2009, during the summer, the Trift Bridge was modernized. The system of steel ropes was significantly improved, as a result, the swinging amplitude of the bridge was noticeably reduced, and the height of the railing increased. These changes created a safe environment for tourists to visit freely.

Since 2009, travelers with great pleasure pass over Lake Trift in order to take very beautiful photographs of the Trift Glacier. Undoubtedly, it is a breathtaking sight when you cross over an abyss over a 170-meter long bridge that resembles a thin ribbon.

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