Tourist trip to Italy

Holidays in Italy are the cherished dream of many pilgrims, whose interests are not limited to visiting museums, art galleries and exhibitions. No, we want to be a true Italian for at least one day, which means to live this day in Italian.

And for this, we propose to use our instructions for use, the task of which is to help newly minted Italians get the most out of their stay in Italy with minimal physical, moral and material costs.

Firstly, the inhabitants of Italy dine no earlier than 21.00, so lovers of daytime meals will have to dine either at the hotel, or, having overcome the feeling of hunger, wait for the above time. But we advise you to book a table in the restaurant in advance.

Remember – in no case do not use the word “ketchup” with Italians, which is perceived as an insult, ask them to serve “sauce” with spaghetti. And one more thing – having a bite at the bar counter (albeit not as comfortable as if it were a table by the window overlooking the majestic Palazzo Vecchio castle), you will pay half as much for the same order.

Secondly, always and everywhere compost your excursion ticket, otherwise the planned visit to the next attraction will remain an unfulfilled dream.

Thirdly, the tip is usually already added to the bill, so save the change for pocket expenses. In order to truly merge into the atmosphere of Italian life, we suggest that back at home, look into the section “Renting apartments in Italy” and find a cozy nest, though such a pleasure will cost you from 550 euros per week in Sicily to 250 euros per day in the center of Rome.

We continue. When going on an excursion to geothermal springs, do not dress yourself in silver jewelry – they can darken from the water.

It should also be noted that most museums, churches and shops are closed from 2 to 5 pm (afternoon siesta time). Like any self-respecting Italian, you must speak Italian (at least a couple of phrases), which is very captivating for Italians.

And the last tip – if you want to fully enjoy Italy, its majestic and monumental sculptural structures; its great artists and musicians, we recommend to buy real estate and enjoy life in all its manifestations. Even Goethe wrote: “He who has seen Italy, and especially Rome, will never again be unhappy.”