The recipe for the perfect holiday in South Tyrol

For many years Italy has enjoyed unflagging tourist interest, and the popularity rating is annually topped by Rome, Milan and Venice. Although the northern region of the Apennine Peninsula is very willingly chosen by enthusiasts of white madness, few know that you can see many attractions here in the summer.

South Tyrol in Italy is not only about endless mountain trails and stunning views. Here you can enjoy unique regional cuisine, including classic Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta, and Alpine dairy products, as well as a Mediterranean climate softened by mountain breezes. These and many other attractions await tourists at agritourism farms.

Rural life, i.e. harvesting and swimming in the pond

In their daily hectic and stressful life, many people dream of a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, recreation in the countryside is an excellent opportunity for direct contact with nature, breathe fresh air and “recharge the battery” for the coming months. It is July and August, harvest time. Bushes and trees bend under the weight of fruit, and fields sparkle with golden ears or lush greenery.

On agritourism farms, guests can help their owners with their daily duties, including feeding the animals in the stables.
The owners of the farm will be happy to show visitors the secrets of rural life, from making hay to making homemade marmalade and dumplings.

The youngest can also help pick blueberries and cherries – for many, this may be the first chance in their life to taste fruit straight from the tree!

After a busy day at work, you can relax in the refreshing water of the backyard pond or pool, or play in the hay.
Adults can sit on the terrace with a glass of house wine in hand and admire the Alpine scenery.

What’s happening in South Tyrol?

Numerous themed events take place in the surroundings of the agritourism farms. Among these culinary delights, worth mentioning is the Cellar Night, an event marking the end of South Tyrol’s Wine Week and the start of the spa season. In the evening, more than 30 associations of wine producers, private wineries, vineyards, individual farmers who sell wine and vineyard owners on the wine route between Bolzano, Montana and Caltern open their doors to visitors. There is also a strawberry festival in late June and a yogurt festival in early July, all of which are accompanied by music and fun.

Lovers of active recreation will also find entertainment for themselves. Hiking or jogging around Lake Reschen are just a few of the attractions. Cycling enthusiasts can take part in the Sellarond Bicycle Day, during which they have an unforgettable opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside around the Grödner, Campolongo, Pordoi and Sella passes. There is also the annual Oldtimer Rallye Sudtirol Classic in Schenne, with cars at least 53 years old participating!
There are many ways to spend your vacation in South Tyrol. Mountain hikers, lovers of hard work during the harvest and party-goers looking for fun at local festivals will rest here.

On the farms, there is something for everyone. It is worth visiting one of the agritourism farms in South Tyrol to discover all the possibilities of this region of Italy and taste the unique flavors.

You can get here from Milano on a renterd car