The most interesting things about the Maldives

The Cote d’Azur is certainly good, but the Maldives can offer tourists a more diverse holiday. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, bright nature-this is not only an image created by tour operators, it is an impressive reality. In fact, the beauty of the islands is more amazing and incredible. But it is worth figuring out what is really waiting for you at this resort. and here you can look for the best hotel in the Maldives.

Where to go in the Maldives?

Here you can spend a romantic holiday, enjoy not only the pristine beauty, but also stunning views. However, in the Maldives, you can also do more interesting holidays.

On the islands you can visit:

The Presidential Palace, which was built by the Sultan for his son, is also called Theemuge. The attraction is located in the main part of the Male shopping district. The magnificent architecture of the buildings is striking: high columns, stunning decoration.

The National Museum, where a unique collection of paintings is collected. This is the former residence of the Sultan, here you can see authentic examples of the life of the ruling dynasty. Original paintings depicting historical figures hang on the walls.

A six-story Islamic center in Male, which is considered the largest mosque on the islands. It often hosts meetings or conferences. The upper part of the golden dome of the building can be seen from all parts of the island. Sultan’s Park, where you can see exotic songbirds and an orchid garden. A picturesque and attractive place located near the Chandani Magu street. Luxurious lilies, roses, ficus-banyans – here you can see a real flower garden.

The grave of the hero-liberator Muhammad Takurufanu, located near the mosque in Majidi Magu. This man saved the islands from the influence of the Portuguese, the main highway of the city was named after him. There are several hotels near the Grave.

The tomb of Abu al-Barakat Yusuk al-Barbari, which was named after a preacher who promoted Islam. Next to it is the Hukuru Mosque. Tilafushi Island, created from garbage. For the first time, waste was brought here about 40 years ago. To date, a shipbuilding enterprise operates on the island. This land is used only for industrial purposes, the tenants also restored part of the island with sand.

Amazing landscapes of the azure sea, the coastline of the islands, indescribable beauty-this is what makes tourists come here from all over the world. But the gardens, mosques and palaces look no less majestic here.

If you want to spend an unforgettable time on a Maldivian beach, there is no difference which island to go to. Each of them is ready to offer tourists a sea of entertainment, crystal clear water, snow-white sandy beaches and a peaceful holiday. It’s just a matter of the cost of such a vacation. There are islands where travelers are accepted by expensive five-star hotels, some have hotels with more modest prices.

The most expensive resort is the island of Wabbinfaru, which is located in the Kaafu Atoll. If you need to find a place for a wedding trip, you should pay attention to the island of Velassaru in South Male. There you will find an incredibly romantic atmosphere, constant culinary competitions, delicious flavorful dishes. Spa salons are waiting for tourists on the Raa Atoll. Baa Atoll accepts divers. Each atoll has a beach holiday, but the choice depends on the preferences of the tourist. For a ticket to the Maldives, the price depends on what kind of vacation the client wants to get. In many regions of the Maldives, in addition to the usual beach holidays, some outdoor activities are offered. This can be diving, fishing or surfing. Some islands offer to visit memorable places, usually they are represented on the terrain 1 or 2. The main part of such places is concentrated in the city of Male. It looks quite contrasting with those islands where there is only a beach holiday, because there are no such beaches on Male. Here you can see highways, huge skyscrapers, natural parks. All this is compactly placed on some 6 sq. km. The capital offers tourists to visit mosques and parks, the Presidential Palace, the National Museum and the Sultan’s Park. These excursions can take no more than 1 day.

The island of Maradu offers to visit the remains of the military bases of Great Britain, there is also a former English prison. On the island of Matirah, tourists can visit the mausoleum, many pilgrims come to it. Civilization is waiting for tourists not only on Male, but also on the island of Hitadu in the Siinu Atoll. There are also high-rise buildings and highways, there is also a lot of life there. A molozhny holiday will delight guests on the island of Baros in the North Male Atoll. Tourists from England or Germany often come here. There are no night entertainment here, however, the atmosphere is quite favorable and fascinating. Golf enthusiasts can relax on the island of Kuredu.