The country of Barbados

Barbados is a state in the Lesser Antilles and is located in the east of the Caribbean. According to a legend, the island got its name because of the many trees that are entwined with beard-like vegetation.

Since 1966, the island has gained independence and became a member of the British Commonwealth. Barbados is a developed country both in terms of living standards and the level of literacy of the population.

The official language is English. The island has top class hotels ( For lovers of privacy, you can always choose a villa or a mini-hotel.

This island attracts tourists every year more strongly. Coral reefs, snow-white beaches, gentle and warm sea and virgin nature make the rest in Barbados heavenly. All the friendly population of the island is involved in the recreation and entertainment industry. These people are very hospitable and love holidays. The entertainment industry is very developed on the island. Every year there is a jazz music festival, which attracts world stars and a sugar cane harvest festival, which lasts almost a whole month and is accompanied by a carnival, competitions and dances.

For lovers of attractions, there is always something to see. Visit to the reserve “Wildlife reserves”, sugar plantations, visits to rum factories with tastings, and military installations of the 17th-19th centuries, visits to caves and diving.

The cuisine, as in all Caribbean countries, is mixed. European, British, Indian and African. This vibrant mix of completely different traditions and a huge selection of tropical fruits and vegetables are a godsend for gourmets. Of course, for vacationers, the locals have come up with their own zest, a special pepper seasoning that makes the dishes even more exotic.

The climate on the island is mild. Fresh sea breeze and trade winds keep the air temperature around +28°С, and do not allow exhausting heat to spoil the rest. And the water temperature in the sea almost all year round is +25°С. Heavy rains are very rare on the island. Barbados is tropical vegetation, modern and exclusive hotel complexes, white sand beaches and turquoise sea. It is also a great place for a family vacation, where you will gain a lot of emotions and impressions – guaranteed!