Thailand holidays: the secrets of an unforgettable vacation

Tourists in Thailand will find a concentrate of positive emotions, incredible impressions, entertaining adventures, a sense of happiness and freedom. This amazing state beckons with the beauty and pristine purity of natural landscapes, the opportunity to find yourself in a completely different reality and its endless hospitality.

How to spend time in Thailand

The entertainment system in Thailand is thought out thoroughly, so here everyone can find something to their liking and in accordance with their financial capabilities.

Thailand has an extensive coastal zone, which is washed by the waters of the Andaman and South China Seas.
Admirers of a beach holiday will be able to enjoy the purity and beauty of the state’s beaches, as well as engage in various types of water sports.

Thailand’s nightlife is full of surprises and mysteries. This is especially noticeable in Bangkok, which is rightfully considered one of the most fun and carefree cities in the world. Almost all major hotels in Bangkok have nightclubs, where all kinds of shows are constantly held, concert programs are arranged and much more. Visitors to local discos and bars can enjoy contemplating an amazing kind of dance – go-go (go-go) performed by pretty dancers in short skirts.

Thailand Holidays

Residents of Thailand reverently honor their traditions, history and religious beliefs. Every year, at the same time, the state holds celebrations in honor of the Buddha – Assanha Puja (in July), Visaka Puja (in May) and Maha Puja (in February). Tourists visiting Thailand during these periods will be able to appreciate the colorfulness and scale of such celebrations.

The Chiang Mai city hosts a flower festival in February, which lasts for three days. These days, experienced gardeners demonstrate their new achievements and skills to the admiring public, and the city itself is simply buried in flowers.
During the festival of Loi Krathong, which is held on the day of the November full moon, the Gulf of Thailand is illuminated by the flame of candles installed in kratongs from banana leaves and launched into the water (a kind of personification of the souls of ancestors), and thousands of papyrus paper balls with candles lit inside rise upward – like a symbol of the fulfillment of the most cherished desires.

Tourists can visit the famous Winter Fair in Chiang Mai in December.

In Thailand, practically nothing is impossible and forbidden – everything is in the hands of the traveler. If you really want something, the desire will necessarily materialize.

Excursions in Thailand