Spring holidays in Austria

Spring is just around the corner. And then it turns out that it turns out that a long, cold winter was not enough to enjoy all its charms. In this case, you can go to a ski resort in Austria or on a tour of it.

You can stay in hotels. And many are located near the ski lifts, of course, they are a bit more expensive. It is worth considering the option of hotels located a little further. You will have to get from them by metro, but it will be a budget accommodation option.

In March, there is still little greenery, so relaxing in a ski resort is the best option. Of course, if you are tired of skiing and slides, then it is good to walk along the streets of Austrian cities. And although nature still looks quite wintery, the smell of spring is in the air. Many are not afraid of frequent rains. In mountainous areas, weather changes are not so noticeable.

Despite the fact that spring is not considered the most popular time of the year for holidays in Austria, you need to take care of hotels and vouchers in advance. Despite the fact that spring is on the nose, prices do not fall and there are enough people in the mountains. There are few snowfalls, and there is enough snow for skiing, so this is the best time for a holiday in the mountains.

It is impossible to say unequivocally whether it is good to rest here or not. Someone liked it, and he dreams that he will return here again, and someone decided that he would never go to Austria again. Everyone has their own idea of ​​vacation.

Of course, if the vacation fell in March, nothing can be done, but you should not despair. Firstly, it is still quite snowy in the mountains, and secondly, there are few tourists in the cities, and all parks and entertainment are just starting to open. There is no such excitement as happens in winter or summer. In addition, at any ski resort you can relax with children. Children can be assigned to a ski school, and the smallest ones will be looked after in the children’s room. There are enough children’s towns so that parents can take a break from them.


The excursion program is rich at any time of the year. You can start from Vienna. To do this, you should buy a tourist card. It is necessary to take into account the fact that until the age of eighteen you can get into museums for free. There are enough museums, historical, weapons, art, galleries and palaces. Children will be interested in visiting the museum of little princes and princesses. You will not be bored, the main thing is to decide how you want to spend your vacation.

As for architectural sights, the most popular are St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Vienna Opera, it is also interesting to visit the Hohensalzburg house, Hohenwerfen and Moosham castles. Don’t forget the kids. They must like the toy museum. There you can see old dolls, teddy bears and other toys.

A middle-aged schoolboy should be taken to the House of Nature. Here there is a world of protozoa, and also get on an excursion into space. It is also interesting for people of all ages to get into the open-air museum, where the village is located, which was specially recreated. It is not just abandoned, life is in full swing there. It will also be interesting especially for women to get into the Swarovski Museum. For the sake of interest, it is worth visiting the silver mine of Schwaz, as well as the city of glassblowers.

Another small recommendation, Elmau is suitable for a family holiday with a lot of entertainment, Scheffau for a relaxing holiday, and Selle for those who are going to travel a lot.