Sights of Sydney

Australia is a country with just about everything, yet its main city, Sydney, has a record number of popular attractions.


And one of them is the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

It is located on the waterfront and is considered the most famous in the world. This is the main highlight of the city. It was designed by Jorn Utzon, who embodied the image of a large sailing ship in the building. This is practically the symbol of the whole of Sydney. More than 1,500 performances are held here every year.

Sydney Opera House at night

Another iconic place in the city is Bondi Beach. In Australia, this beach is considered the most famous and popular. IIt is known not only in the country, but also far beyond its borders. It is located near the office district in Sydney. This beach, as if all strewn with gold. The sand here has a beautiful golden hue. If you walk along the promenade, you can immediately go to the beach. It can be seen that its shape resembles half of the sun. This beach is popular with surfers, swimmers, and just tourists who want to soak up the sun and enjoy the beauty.

Bondi Beach

The Queen Victoria House is another attraction in Sydney. Its peculiarity is in the huge dome of the building. The idea of ​​​​creation belongs to the architect George Mac Ray, who decided to create it in the Romanesque style. Initially it was assumed that there would be a market here, but later it began to be used for various purposes. Today, the building is a large five-story shopping center with more than two hundred stores.

The Queen Victoria House

Another attraction of the city is the Sydney Tower. It is the tallest building in the city. In the Southern Hemisphere, it occupies an honorable second place in height. Its grandeur is second only to the Auckland Tower. It was built in 1981. There are three parts in the tower.

Sydney Tower view

One of them is an observation deck from where you can see the whole city. The second part has a glass floor. There is also space for a restaurant, which is very popular with guests. On holidays, you can always watch fireworks here.

Sydney Tower

The popular Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the world’s greatest bridges. This is the largest bridge in the country and not only. The significance of this arched bridge is very great all over the world. When you enter the harbor, if you look from the deck of a cruise ship, you can see the extraordinary beauty of this bridge. It is not for nothing that it is considered a distinctive feature of Sydney, becoming on a par with the Sydney Opera House. It connects the suburbs and the city center, forming a common infrastructure.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Bay is a place that is the most picturesque harbor. Its popular attractions and sparkling waters attract many travelers from all over the world who want to enjoy such beauty.

Sydney Bay

Regardless of the day of the week and season, there are always a lot of sailboats, liners and ferries.