Romantic Florence. What awaits a tourist in Florence?

Florence is a cozy, atmospheric and romantic city. Tours to Florence are popular, travelers from different countries come here, there is nothing to be surprised at, because excursions around Florence are so diverse, interesting and original that a pastime in this city will bring a lot of pleasure to the traveler.

If during your trip you want to know everything about Florence, you should definitely attend a variety of excursions. Emilia-Romagna is a very beautiful region, the nature here is mesmerizing, the fragrances of flowers and vineyards are heard in all corners of Florence. Don’t wait a second, rather pack your things and go on the most amazing and unforgettable excursions. Emilia-Romagna will certainly surprise you with its extraordinary color, spreading green hills, amazingly beautiful Florence and an amazing pastime.

Where should a tourist go first?

Every tourist, arriving for the first time in a new city, wants to visit the most popular attractions. Florence is called the cradle of the Renaissance, when you arrive here you will understand why.

Here, absolutely everything is imbued with the spirit of the Middle Ages, beautiful architectural buildings rise above the magnificent stone squares. It is in Florence that there is a special energy, here you breathe in a different way, live in a different way and rest in a different way. And even just walking along the old streets of Florence will bring you such pleasure that you will never want to leave here.

But still, every traveler should know the sights that need to be visited first of all:

Duomo. It is not only one of the most majestic and beautiful cathedrals in Florence, but perhaps one of the most stunning temples in the country. This is a very atypical structure with multi-colored marble plates, a bright roof and bright colors. The cathedral is the soul and heart of the city, you should definitely see it.

Palazzo Vecchio. A stunning, luxurious building that also speaks of the greatness of the Renaissance.

Uffizi Gallery. Here you can enjoy the masterpieces of art.

This is not all that Florence offers to tourists, be sure to come here, walk, attend various excursions and remember every moment in this wonderful city.

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