Roman Forum and mysteries

The Roman Forum arose in the first quarter of the sixth century BC. e. The forum was the center of the political life of the city in ancient times. It was there that all issues related to the economy, politics, including foreign policy, were resolved. Decisions on key issues were taken by a majority of all participants. The Roman Forum was the first legislative body in Rome, and it was always truly democratic.

The forum did not appear by chance, and this is primarily due to the reconciliation of the eternal enemies of the Sabines and the Romans. For many centuries, this Forum has made perhaps the most important decisions in the history of Rome. Thousands of its participants, the greatest orators, argued with fervor that they were right.

Others maliciously accused of untruth. Life on the forum was in full swing, there was always a lot to do.
Once upon a time, instead of the ruins that are now slowly fading into the past, crumbling to the ground, there were majestic palaces of rich and noble people, beautiful gardens and, of course, Roman baths.

When Rome fell, its invaders simply used stones and wood as building material and almost completely destroyed everything that was there. Now any tourist can feel like a real speaker under the arches of the Forum, but already on the ruins that were excavated relatively recently by archaeologists.

Just as many mysteries hide the dungeons of Rome itself. Archaeologists have discovered many underground tunnels. Most of the dungeons have been under modern buildings for a long time, and it is impossible to get to them. But literally every year, archaeologists find more and more tunnels, no one knows their exact number and location, but there are not so many people who want to get into these tunnels, primarily because in most cases they were used as graves for those people whose religion did not coincide with the state.

These people weren’t even Christians, they were believers who were waiting for the Coming. pproximately 800,000 graves are buried in these dungeons and they are located on five levels, the depth of these levels reaches up to 30 meters, and their total length exceeds 700 km.

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