Recreation and tourism on the Equator

Almost all people want to go abroad. And the reasons are very varied. Someone wants to relax, study the culture of other peoples, someone makes weddings, celebrates the New Year and other holidays. People go there and enjoy their holidays in all seasons. The most popular holiday destinations are: Thailand, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, Indonesia, Italy and many other parts of the world.


There are a lot of unusual things in places like the tropics. The inhabitants of Eurasia and America are bored with their routine life, and they go here. Exotic fruits, clean air, the sea, the rituals of the indigenous people – all this distracts people from the daily hustle and bustle.


This is a very unusual country. Everything is different here. It is now 2562 in Thailand. People dress in different colors of clothing depending on the day of the week. Red, yellow, green, pink, orange, blue and purple colors correspond to each day of the week. It is also worth visiting the floating hotel. This hotel is completely on the water.

The rafts are strong enough so that the current does not sway them. They have everything: a massage parlor, theaters, restaurants. There is no electricity, communication and hot water. Food is cooked with a fire, communicate on the radio. Hotels in Thailand are really wonderful.

Bora Bora
Here you can get fabulous pleasure. The inhabitants of the island are friendly optimists. Here you can have a great time. A lot of different excursions. You can go to them the way you want: on foot, on horseback, by jeep, by helicopter, by boat, and so on. But the most amazing, is considered a boat trip.

These are not only stories and walks, but also diving to the very bottom of the lagoon in order to get to know the inhabitants of the deep sea. If you wish, you can even feed the sharks or rays. There are also just entertaining parties where you can dance. Coconut soap is often brought as a souvenir. It is made in a natural way.


The pearl of the islands of the tropics, Bali is a beach island. The weather is good throughout the year and therefore all entertainment is related to water. This place is very suitable for surfers. Here you can meet cute monkeys. A very interesting spectacle is the dance “Kechak”. The dancers create a beautiful background, and the main characters, Shinta and Rama, who are in love, tell their story in a song.

It is worth coming here if you are tired of everyday routine life. Here you will not only relax, but also learn a lot of interesting things about the local population: customs and traditions, language and culture, feel the atmosphere of the lifestyle of the population of this unusual country.