Pink beach in the Bahamas

In the Bahamas, Harbor Island is located, which has gained worldwide fame due to the unique beach – Pink Sands The coast attracts tourists with light pink sand and stunning views. And Forbes magazine called Pink Sands one of the most picturesque beaches on the planet.

The feeling of unreality to the beach is given by microorganisms, painted in crimson and pink colors – foraminifera. Their habitat is reefs and the ocean floor, but during a storm they often fall ashore. Foraminifera shells and corals painted in the same colors are crushed and merge with sand, delighting vacationers with amazing colors and sensations.

On elastic and hard sand it is very comfortable to relax, sunbathe and run. Palm trees surrounding Pink Sands keep guests cool even on the hottest day. Delight vacationers and blooming orchids. Sea water is warm and pleasant, and coral reefs protect the shore from the surf. The absence of strong waves creates favorable and safe conditions for swimming for both adults and children. They say that the sea itself has an unusual color, and its purity delights even the most sophisticated.

Life on the coast is in full swing all year round, but each season has its own characteristics. Since the Bahamas are located low in relation to sea level, the wind often blows on the beach during the winter months: light, pleasant and cooling. Autumn is a great time to relax with children, while winter brings moments of calm enjoyment of the sun.

Clear sea and good visibility are ideal conditions for diving: vacationers note that the underwater world is visible in all its glory. Diving is a favorite pastime for Pink Sands visitors. Those who wish can also rent a boat for deep sea fishing. And near the coast they offer horseback riding.

Tourists can stock up on souvenirs and memorable postcards. On the coast there are boutiques, cafes and expensive restaurants. The prices are quite high, but vacationers claim that the delicious food and romantic atmosphere are worth it. The most favorite time of day in the Bahamas is the evening, when the bright sun plunges into the water, and the pink color of the beach becomes even more saturated.

Pink Sands is often used as a set for films, and famous people buy property on the seashore. Tourists can walk around the island and see the mansions of Susan Sarandon and Keith Richards.

Pink Sands is a place that is ideal for relaxing with the family and for romantic confessions.