Overview of the most famous pubs in Prague

Beerhouse at Fleck, such a beerhouse is quite famous among travelers; it has its own brewery and many spacious tables in the courtyard. It is considered one of the oldest, but the best pubs in Prague, as beer was prepared in it as early as 1459. Only in this pub you can buy dark beer. The building houses a museum in honor of Czech brewing. You can sit and drink beer, both outdoors and indoors. Sometimes they show different performances and dance the Czech polka.

Beer Ferdinand, it is located on Wenceslas Square and deserves attention because it provides unique beer.

This pub is a two-story building with a spiral staircase, it is inconvenient that the toilet is in the basement. They smoke from above and below, thus a constant cloud of smoke appears, through which it is sometimes necessary to pass, not very pleasant to be honest. Therefore, every trip to the toilet is a passage through these clouds of smoke. You can also smoke on the second floor, but one thing is good that there is a separate room, which is specially designed for non-smokers, but there is poor ventilation everywhere, so the smoke came there too.

There is no need to talk about comfort, since there is no decor, everything is too simple. The menu is in several languages. The whole serving of dishes is quite simple, but served in large portions and you will have to try to eat everything.

Beer at Benedict’s, in this institution you can drink different beers of different brands. There is a smoking area and a non-smoking area. The first floor is painted green, the second floor is painted red-orange. The dishes that were served didn’t look very good, but quite tasty.

When you order a dish, it turns out that everything needs to be ordered separately, garnish separately, bread separately. The portions are so small that you leave hungry when you leave. The service is so-so, although the waiter understood what we were ordering, but he did not really want to serve and offer something else.

Beer toothed dog, getting to it is quite simple. Inside there is a large bar with a huge selection of beers. You should not immediately sit down at a table, since all orders are at the bar, if you want to have lunch, then this pub will not work, because there are mostly snacks, but not so bad here. So, if you like beer, I think from the many beer bars in Prague, you will find something that will suit your taste.

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