New Year trip to Madrid

How to celebrate New Year’s holidays in Madrid? – of course, unforgettable!

For such trips, special tours have been developed. An excellent option could be a New Year’s Eve dinner in a cozy restaurant in the center next to one of the major squares and attractions of the city – Puerto del Sol.

There are a lot of restaurants, it will not be difficult to choose something according to your taste. You can combine dinner with an amazing Flamenco show or simply enjoy amazing cuisine accompanied by a pleasant melody.

But we should return to the aforementioned area. Why should you choose a restaurant in close proximity to it? Yes, because this square is the heart of the Spanish capital: the zero kilometer is located here, and it is also in this place that the main clock of Madrid is located.

Once upon a time in the Middle Ages, residents gathered on it to chat and learn the latest news. At the present time, on New Year’s Eve, a huge crowd of people flock here. Residents of Madrid and tourists come to the square to spend the current year to the sound of the clock and certainly stock up on champagne and grapes.

There is a belief that while the clock is striking, you need to have time to make 12 wishes, each of which must be eaten with a grape. The number 12 is key here, if you don’t have time, then not a single wish will come true. By the way, grapes for these purposes are sold already peeled and packed in 12 pieces, so as not to confuse anything.

To get to the square at the appointed time, you will have to make an effort, since at this time all the free space is filled with people in funny wigs with painted faces.

From above, confetti and artificial snow are pouring down on the motley crowd, music is pouring from somewhere, drowned out by the joyful cries of people, the sky is filled with numerous bursts of multi-colored fireworks.

The main thing here is not to forget about the conceived desires, and unforgettable impressions and strongest emotions are guaranteed!