Madeira – the island of eternal spring

500 km west of Africa and 1000 km from Europe, it is here that the island of Madeira is located – an autonomous region of Portugal.

Imagine a tiny piece of land lost in the vast ocean, with eucalyptus forests and white houses standing all over the island, like scattered pearls roll down from the top of the mountain back into the ocean.
Everyone calls Madeira the island of eternal spring, since the air temperature in winter does not drop below +17, and in summer it does not exceed +25, because the Gulf Stream affects the climate and regulates the temperature.

The island, like a huge botanical garden, for 500 years, a huge number of various plants and trees were brought and planted from other places on the earth and they all took root in this beautiful, fertile place.
Portugal will leave an unforgettable mark on every traveler’s memory.

In Madeira, everyone will find their holiday. Those who like to relax calmly in an urban environment or on the beach under the sun, there are many excellent hotels for them, and colorful performances on the bustling streets. The island has a lot of ancient architecture and churches, it is also worth visiting the dragon tree park. In addition there are many museums; for example the museum of ethnography, toys, museum of wine and modern art.

And those who love outdoor activities can enjoy the wild nature. Go to the mountains, go down to the caves in Madeira, there are many beautiful waterfalls, and everything around is immersed in bright colors.

You also need to visit the Botanical Gardens on the island, they contain a huge number of different flowers and rare trees. Gardens of roses, orchids, as well as wander along the walking trails along the famous levadas.

There are beaches for every taste in every colorful village, you can find different beaches with small pebbles or with black volcanic sand, but if you are a fan of snorkeling and exploring the beauty of the seabed, welcome to the diving center. The marine fauna is beautiful and varied, you can see a lot of colorful small fish, as well as huge killer whales that sometimes swim up to the shores of Madeira.
Sunny, immersed in greenery and beautiful flowers, Madeira Island will leave bright and warm memories of your vacation. This land always attracts with its calmness and tranquility.

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