Lausanne – a typical Swiss resort

Let’s talk about such a resort as Lausanne, this resort is located on the terraces of the Swiss Riviera, and in terms of cultural and economic value it is in second place after Geneva, the language is dominated by French. Lausanne has been a center of culture for quite a long time, so it has gained great popularity among the cities of Switzerland. On the picturesque hills of Lausanne are beautiful vineyards.

Among the sights of the city, one can single out the exemplary Olympic Museum. The building of the International Olympic Committee is also located in the city. For those who want to visit the museums of Lausanne, this service will cost only $ 20, for which you will be given a special subscription to visit more than two dozen museums, the subscription also includes public transport.

One of the sights of the city is the hotel where sister Catherine and Lieutenant Henry from Hemingway’s famous book “Farewell to Arms” loved each other. You can also, combine business with pleasure, get to know Swiss cuisine better in the folklore restaurants of the city.

It is worth mentioning the Olympic Museum, he received in 1995 the title of the best museum in Europe. Lausanne is the most visited city in Switzerland; thousands of tourists from all over the world have chosen this place. Lausanne is a city where modern and historic streets intertwine with their narrow passages and historic districts.

Believe us, you will not be disappointed with the views of the lake, these places are worth capturing on the camera lens like no other. At the beginning, the city was located on a hill, but over time, with an increase in population, it began to “slide” down, as a result, the Ushi district appeared, which amazes with its views. The city itself is small in size, it is quite possible to get around it in a day on foot, but there are many beautiful places in it, for example, careful painted with exotic flowers, medieval castles, and of course, in the center of all this, the main cathedral of Lausanne rises.

On the outskirts of the city are the home of tourism and the luxurious palace of Beaulieu. These are the venues for national exhibitions and international congresses and are always filled with vibrant life. In this city you will have the opportunity to visit the best restaurants in Europe, to carry out shopping, museums, exhibitions in general, this is a wonderful place to relax.

The city has a huge number of educational institutions and research centers. You will also be surprised how favorable the air of the Laman lakeside is for your health. In general, Lausanne is a wonderful place to relax.

Day Trips & Excursions in Lausanne