Landmarks of Thailand

Fans of exotic holidays on the islands, seascapes, coconut groves and safari walks will be happy to visit this fabulous corner of the world, unforgettable in beauty and landscape – Thailand.

The full name of the state is the Kingdom of Thailand, located on the peninsulas of Malacca and Indochina, has access to the seas: in the west, Andaman, and in the east, South China. The climate in Thailand is subtropical and humid tropical, which contributes to the development of agriculture – the crop is harvested from the fields several times a year. The vegetation is very diverse, deciduous forests characteristic of all pass into evergreen deciduous tropical forests.

The sights of Thailand are represented by temples and monasteries with elements of Indian and Chinese architecture. From a large number of architectural buildings, one can single out the temple of the Grand Royal Palace, which is located in Bangkok. Inside the temple there are many halls for religious ceremonies, a sanctuary, a school and a library. On the walls of the temple, you can see images of mythological animals, as well as their sculptures. Thailand is the largest supplier of rice in the world, in addition to rice, corn, pineapple, cassava, coconuts, sweet potatoes are cultivated in the country, and of course huge banana groves supply the whole country with their products.

But despite the impressive import of agricultural products, Thai massage is the most popular in the world, which includes the most famous among massages – royal Thai massage.

A successful combination of tropical beauty in its original form and modern architectural structures with European comfort have made the country the most popular among tourists. Tourists who have visited Thailand call the country an oriental fairy tale among coconut palms and evergreen forests. On snow-white beaches in the shade of spreading banana trees, with the clearest emerald water for swimming and with a vibrant nightlife, with a high level of service, with a huge selection of bars, a variety of shows, restaurants and tennis courts.

The favorite place to visit for tourists is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the famous Rose Garden, which are located in Bangkok.

And who among the tourists refuses to dine on a floating restaurant on the Chao Pai River. There are farms in the country that breed crocodiles and naturally tourists are interested in crocodiles and their cubs, some even take pictures with crocodiles – there will be something to remember at home.

For fans of extreme rest in Thailand there is a very popular Safari World safari park. Car trips allow you to see through the window tigers, giraffes, lions, rhinos, ostriches and buffaloes in natural conditions and even photograph them for memory.

Thailand has the most sophisticated service, hotels are located in picturesque corners on the seashore with comfortable clean sandy beaches, multi-storey complexes with comfortable European-style rooms. Although the usual “star” classification in hotels in Thailand does not exist, but the hotel service corresponds to the highest level. Hotels on the islands are made in the style of bungalows and are in great demand among visiting tourists and guests of the country.

Thais are very hospitable people, they like to treat guests with their traditional national dishes with a lot of exotic spices, but mainly rice and fish dishes, in every house you can find lime, lemongrass, coconut, rice, garlic, chili, coriander and root ginger.

Thais are lovers of festivals and incendiary dances, which are often arranged with a procession through the streets, various parties. Perhaps Bangkok has the busiest nightlife, with a huge amount of entertainment, clubs, bars, restaurants and pleasure trips on yachts on the sea. Thailand is rightly called the “land of smiles”, so many friendly faces can hardly be seen in another country.