Journey to Verona

Verona, an Italian city that attracts true romantics, the city where eternal Shakespearean love was born. A city of unprecedented beauty, part of a magical world that fascinates.

Each house in the city delights, each of them had a hand in ancient art so that you can’t take your eyes off. In addition, there are famous architectural monuments in Verona.

For example, the Arena, as the locals call it, although in fact it is a Roman amphitheater, now all kinds of holidays are celebrated here, and in the past it was a place for the games of the Romans, the building itself was built more than two thousand years ago.

Another monument – an example of ancient art – the Roman theater. It is one of the oldest buildings in Verona.

The most popular place for tourists in Verona is the house of Juliet, which once belonged to the Capello family, here is a museum of Shakespeare’s heroine. Once here, be sure to visit the famous Juliet’s balcony and touch her statue, there is a modern legend that touching the statue will give you good luck and love.
At one time, it was popular among tourists to leave notes within the walls of Juliet’s house, but today it is strictly prohibited, and a special wall is reserved for letters to Juliet. By the way, going to Verona, it will be useful for you to watch the film “Letters to Juliet”, you will have time to soak up the spirit of a fabulous city in a short time of the film, enjoy the extraordinary views of Italy.

No less attractive is the house of Romeo, which belonged to the Monticoli family. The ancient palace is still in private possession to this day. Romeo’s house can only be admired from the outside, as the owners of the property do not agree to give the building to the museum premises.

Don’t forget to visit Juliet’s Tomb as well, even if you’re not an incorrigible romantic, this place will have an impact on you. It is located in an inconspicuous crypt of an ancient monastery.

There are plenty of palaces in Verona, all of them are not inferior to the Venetian ones in their grandeur, moreover, Italian gardens of extraordinary beauty are located around them.

By and large, it makes no sense to describe in detail every palace or architectural monument of fabulous Verona, every person who has visited this city will discover it from his own side. The riot of gardens, the splendor of palaces, castles, ancient legends, family secrets – all this is Verona, the city of love, faith, and devotion to your feelings.

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