Iceland – what a traveler needs to know before traveling to the country

Iceland is an amazing place on the planet. The country is famous for its glaciers, picturesque waterfalls and volcanoes. The cities and towns here are unique and full of attractions. The Icelandic island is silent, evokes a mystical atmosphere. To go on a trip, you need to study in advance information about the country, its rules and culture.

Behavior of an adequate person in Iceland

It is important to remember the tourist etiquette – an intelligent attitude towards the host. Often people behave indecently due to a change of scenery or fear of a new culture. There are basics that you need to take into account before setting off.

Timely and mandatory preparation

Postponing fees until the last day is a big mistake and an extra reason for concern. First of all, you need to take warm clothes, as it is cool in Iceland. But there are a number of other rules: drive only on the road without speeding, treat the locals well, do not drink alcohol until the age of majority.

Reykjavík Iceland

The right thing to do is to start reading about the country’s climate and culture long before you leave. You need to calculate in advance the number of days to visit natural monuments and attractions, book a tour.

Dignified behavior of a citizen of his homeland

Tourists come from every country, dishonoring their people. For example, the French are rude and scrupulous, the English are stiff, the Russians are ungrateful, and so on. It is necessary to show the positive traits of the national character, saving others from negative stereotypes. The openness, kindness and respect for the local culture is impressive.

Life in Iceland

Mandatory shower before the pool

Icelanders are very fond of bathing in hot water, whether it be a pool or natural reservoirs. For the people of Iceland, this is a great way to warm up, enjoy the beauty of the mountains and rivers, spend time with family and friends, and make new friends. But before entering the water, you need to take a shower and wash off the dirt. This is strictly monitored by the caretaker of the locker room.

Hallormsstadaskougur park

More excursions

The most common types of recreation in Iceland are diving, ice climbing, horseback riding, ATV or mountain biking, and helicopter tours. It is better to travel with an experienced and certified guide. He will quickly provide first aid, and in general, it will be safer for fans of extreme sports.

Lake Lagarfljot

Responsibility above all

The sights of Iceland delight the eye of a tourist, provide an opportunity to admire the beauty and take wonderful photos. These places must be left in their original form. You can not leave garbage, destroy what nature has created. Taking pictures in dangerous areas is a risk to life, so it’s not worth it.

Mount Bülanstindur

Iceland Tourist Warnings and Prohibitions

Checking sources for authenticity

When studying information about a country, you should be critical of what you read. Today, anything can be posted on the Internet, and it can be perceived as the truth. Some sites fix bugs. The myths about Iceland should be taken as fakes or ignored.

Overcoming the language barrier

Icelanders are fluent in English, Danish and other European languages. It will not be difficult for tourists to go to a store, a restaurant, ask for directions, and just talk to the locals. You can learn a few phrases to broaden your horizons, but don’t forget that Icelandic is incredibly difficult.

Life in Iceland is expensive

East of Iceland – do not miss the moment

The area is sparsely populated, but no less amazing. Usually travelers get only to the Jokulsarlon lagoon, but there are many interesting things ahead: Lake Lagarfljot, Mount Bülanstindur, Storyurd boulders, Hallormsstadaskougur park, Seydisfjordur fishing village.

Neglect of traditional cuisine

There is one strange dish – svid – a boiled ram’s head. Fish is the main delicacy. Icelanders have been preparing it for centuries in various forms. A dish such as dried shark served with Brennywine can surprise. In the month of the god Thor, culinary festivals are held.


“10-11” – the saga of overpayment

Life in Iceland is expensive. But finding cheap supermarkets is easy. At 10-11, the average check will be twice as expensive as other stores during the day, and prices rise at night. For this reason, cases of theft have become more frequent, and the guards are closely watching the buyers.

Traveling to Iceland will be the perfect adventure. Delightful landscapes, peace and immersion in nature will give unusual impressions for the rest of your life.