Holidays on the island of Rhodes

The island of Rhodes,, leads among other Greek islands in terms of the number of sunny days. Because of this and the high humidity levels, this island is full of greenery. The island’s rugged coastline is lined with secluded bays and blue lagoons, while mountains and rolling plains make the landscape unique and beautiful. The wonderful mild climate creates all the conditions for a comfortable stay.

Rhodes is famous for the fact that in ancient times the Colossus of Rhodes was located here, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. The ports located on the island of Rhodes were a haven for the ships of the crusader knights. Famous empires were formed here and battles were fought.

Knightly fortresses, Christian temples, Turkish mosques and many ancient buildings speak about who once lived on this island. The original color of Rhodes was born thanks to a stunning combination of antiquity and modernity, as here ancient ruins coexist with buildings made of metal and glass.

Rhodes, which is the fourth largest island in Greece, is washed by the Aegean Sea, and on the south side by the Mediterranean. For this reason, the beaches of this island have significant differences. On the shores of the Aegean Sea, pebble beaches predominate. Large waves often rise on the sea. For this reason, excellent conditions for windsurfing are created here. And the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea are sandy, storms are rare here. It attracts family lovers. On this island, the tourist season lasts from May to October.

The island of Rhodes is a resort that corresponds to the European level. There are many different restaurants, bars and casinos here. One of the most popular tourist centers is Faliraki, called the “City of Entertainment”. Hotels are located along the sandy beach, shops and restaurants are open here during the day. And with the onset of night, nightclubs begin to work.

Not far from Faliraki there is a secluded and peaceful place – the small village of Kallithea, where pine forests are adjacent to stunning beaches, and there are healing mineral springs.

Fans of outdoor activities can engage in various sports, both land-based: golf, tennis, volleyball, and water sports: yachting, diving and windsurfing.