French Polynesia

Travelers who have visited the “overseas territory” of France say that even if the one-way trip took twice as long, the experience would still be worth it.

It is a real tropical paradise, where the snow-white and black volcanic sand of the beaches is caressed by azure waves, scattering with sunbeams of glare from the sun breaking through the bright vegetation.

A paradise for the elite after all, it is on the islands of the five archipelagos of French Polynesia that the most luxurious hotels, the most exquisite restaurants, and the most stunning views are located. It seems that nature deliberately created this place as an ideal place to relax and find inspiration.

If you are looking for something special, French Polynesia will meet your expectations.

It is not easy to choose the only one of the 118 islands, but, fortunately, this is not necessary – in one trip you can enjoy the features of several, devoting 2 to 8 days to each – this is enough to visit the most interesting sights, enjoy both a beach holiday and incendiary parties , and moving between the islands does not take much time.

What should be seen first? Tahiti

Here is the museum of Paul Gauguin, who drew inspiration from the beauty and tranquility of this paradise. The unique microclimate of Polynesia allows you to grow black pearls here, in the museum of which you can not only see the collection exhibits of the king of black pearls, Robert Wang, but also purchase unique pearls and products made from them.

The cultural program will harmoniously complement the rest on the amazing black beaches, walks around the island, where crystal waterfalls fall into cool streams and rivers under the shadow of dense rainforests. Transparent depths, full of mysterious underwater life, beckon diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, and the fresh breath of the Pacific Ocean creates ideal conditions for lovers of all types of sails from yachting to windsurfing and kiting.


The heart-shaped island, alluring and captivating with the harmony and play of bright colors of artists and jewelers, is located 10 minutes by plane or 20 km by sea from Tahiti, if heading west.

Delicate and beautiful lagoons, protected by mountain ridges, forested peaks of volcanic origin, magically transformed in the rays of the setting sun. In addition to amazing views, the island offers various types of surface and underwater extreme sports, as well as mountaineering, for which many scenic routes of various levels of difficulty have been laid along the mountain peaks.


The island of Waikiki from local legends, also referred to as the cradle of all Polynesian culture. The flight from Tahiti to Raiatea takes approximately 40 minutes.

The Taputapuatea marae ethnic complex is located here, where Maori and Hawaiian pilgrims still come to this day. The rarest flowers in the world “Tiare Apetahi” bloom here, and the air is filled with the enchanting smell of vanilla plantations.

The beauty of the island part is combined here with the richest underwater world, including not only coral gardens and mysterious caves, but also ships that sank near the island at the beginning of the last century.


“Sister” Raiatea, is separated from it by a narrow isthmus, so that getting to this island is a matter of a few minutes. Tahaa is called the vanilla island – it is literally immersed in the gardens of Tahitian vanilla and beautiful orchids.

Diving enthusiasts can get acquainted with such inhabitants of coral gardens as Napoleon and gray sharks. Moray feeding shows, picnics on secluded tiny motu islands, walks with dolphins and other entertainment will delight not only adults, but also children.

Bora Bora

The pearl of the heavenly archipelago. The security of the lagoon allows you to build a “headlight” here – a bungalow over the water with a transparent floor. White sand beaches, many secluded motus, magnificent landscapes and the most luxurious hotels and restaurants make this island the pearl of French Polynesia.

An extinct volcano in the center of the island, the ethnic village of Vaitape, which has preserved the centuries-old way of life of local islanders, the widest selection of shops with souvenirs, clothes, jewelry and a vibrant nightlife will help diversify your vacation.