Denmark is an excellent place for tourism

The whole territory of Denmark is covered with picturesque surroundings and amazing beaches. Despite the fact that Denmark is located in the northern part of Europe, the climate here is relatively mild.

Although, perhaps, for some tourists, short winter days may not seem very hospitable.

For tourists, the season begins in April. So spring is the time to start applying for a Schengen visa to Denmark. Perhaps the most pleasant time to visit is May-June. Fresh greenery, fields covered with flowers.

All this creates an excellent atmosphere. Although some people like to admire the views of autumn Denmark. At this moment, she is very beautiful, but in her own way. Everything turns bright red and yellow.

Traditionally, for European countries, the peak of tourism falls on July-August, and Denmark is no exception. During this period, a huge number of open-air concerts and many events take place. In addition, the peak of the beach season begins.

For those who like to soak up the beach, it’s time to apply for a Schengen visa to Denmark. In addition, during the summer, the working day in museums and other entertainment centers increases. At the end of August, the influx of tourists noticeably decreases, but, nevertheless, the weather is still hot.

The coast of Denmark stretches for 7400 kilometers. There are a huge number of islands here, which provides an excellent opportunity for lovers of surfing and sailing on a yacht. In the west of Denmark there is an open outlet to the sea.

For lovers of fishing, Denmark is a real paradise. There are practically no restrictions on fishing in salt water. In the local waters, cod, flounder, mackerel and trout are most common.


Denmark has a very developed transport infrastructure. Between major cities there are a huge number of domestic flights. Most cities are served by buses, the schedule of which is very conveniently coordinated with the movement of trains.

The railway network is very developed, the distinguishing feature of which is a reasonable price and a convenient schedule. I would like to mention that in Denmark the right-hand traffic.

Every vehicle must have a warning triangle. In addition, the use of seat belts is strictly monitored. Bicycles are very popular in Denmark. Bicycle paths have been built for all lovers, which are not only within the city, but also unite most of the Danish cities. In addition, all inhabited islands are connected by a network of ferries.