Dead Sea

In fact, this is a lake, the mirror of which is 392 m above sea level. y. m., and the bottom is 398 m below. This is the saltiest body of water on Earth. Thus, the low location prevents any outflow, and the volume of water that feeds the lake becomes smaller and smaller.

This is the impact of climate change and the use of some of the water through Jordan and Israel. Intense evaporation leads to a decrease in the water level and the formation of salt.

The salinity of the lake reaches an average of 28%, and on the surface it is about 22%, and at a depth of about 50 m – already 36%. Due to the high concentration of salt, it is impossible to drown, and even swim.

To plunge, you need to gradually bend down until you reach a horizontal position and at the same time safely rise to the surface.

The waters of the Dead Sea are extremely calm and take on a deep blue color. The plot is located so low that the air is 10% richer in oxygen, the atmospheric pressure reaches one thousand sixty-six hpa. High salinity almost completely prevents the development of life.

Salt and potassium are extracted from water. On the surface there are clods of bitumen – asphalt, which is mined industrially.

The Dead Sea is known for its healing properties and treatments. Both its water and mud deposits are used for medical and cosmetic purposes.

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