Dahab, an amazing oasis of peace and harmony

We highly recommend a trip to this quaint little town 90 km from Sharm el Sheikh, near the border with Jordan and Israel!

An amazing oasis of peace and harmony, Dahab, will delight lovers of secluded relaxation. In this secluded resort, tourists will find absolute freedom from the hustle and bustle, city traffic jams, household chores and other problems. Only the amazing Red Sea, sandy beaches and discreet service. This is a tiny Egyptian town at the very foot of the desolate Sinai Mountains. With the flea market in the bazaar, mosques and goats melancholically chewing garbage.

It is always windy here, and therefore the coast is occupied by kite and windsurfers. People are coming from all over the world to tick off the “ride in Dahab” list! Diving is also very popular: you check into a local hotel, go to a diving school, of which there are many, and take training for a day, two or several weeks. The price of the issue, of course, is rather big – from 40 euros per dive.

Dahab has its own atmosphere: free, people wear whatever they want, weave dream catchers and create other interesting hand-made things, the air does not feel the pathos of other popular resorts. By the way, the price tag here is lower than in Sharm or Hurghada. Perhaps for this reason, there are many tourists in Dahab for the winter.

A nice feature of Dahab is the main street along the sea, very beautiful and with spectacular cafes with swings. The city is only 4 km long, but it has a large grocery store, a sea without coral and sandy hills all around. You can rent a bike (about 500 rubles a day) and ride around.

What to see in Dahab and its surroundings?

  • Blue Hole – or “Blue Hole”, a popular diving spot 10 km from the city. Even if you don’t dive, you can walk in the mountains and look at the dive site from above
  • Monastery of St. Catherine and the Colored Canyon nearby
  • Assala Bedouin Village

Usually, tourists are taken to Dahab on excursions one day, but we recommend staying at least a couple of days – you will definitely like the atmosphere of another Egypt.

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