Costa Brava – the pearl of the Mediterranean

Costa Brava is a great place in Spain The city is located on the northern coast of Catalonia. Translated Costa Brava – “city of the brave.” This is a picturesque region with interesting nature. There are also wonderful beaches, and large steep mountains, and giant rocks. Costa Brava is the city where they were the first to meet Russian tourists. The city, by the way, has a rather cool Mediterranean climate, but at the same time it is mild. The holiday season lasts from June to October. Many resorts are included in the coastal areas of the Costa Brava.

The tourist capital of the Costa Brava is Lloret de Mar. Favorite places here are the beaches of Fenals Beach and Lloret, a water park called Water World. Children should definitely be taken to the exciting water park “Marineland” and the interesting mini-zoo “Aqualeon”.

The cultural center of Verdaquier has preserved relics from the Iberian region.

For more active tourists, there is an opportunity to ride go-karts and horses, go diving and snorkeling, play bowling, tennis. Tossa de Mar is a lovely little town. It is considered a true gem of the Costa Brava. And all because of the beauty of natural landscapes. This place is quieter than Lloret de Mar. There is such an attraction here as the fortress city with the proud name of Villa Vella of the Middle Ages on the coast of the resort, which was built as protection from pirates. For lovers of museums, there is a lighthouse with a museum, the remains of an old Roman-style villa, a history museum and ancient churches. For families with children, the resort of Blanes is the best place. Nearby there is a park with attractions on the water and a zoo where there are many marine animals.

The resort is also famous thanks to the Botanical Garden, where there are more than 3,000 species of plants. What you need to do when you go to the Costa Brava:

Go diving in the resort of Tossa de Mar.

Every evening try new seafood dishes in different restaurants.

Take a train in Balbes to go to the Botanical Garden.

Take a ride along the embankment in a car. It can be rented.

Dance all night at the discos in Lloret de Mar.

Drive to Roses Bay to go kitesurfing.

Climb Mount Montserrat.

Visit the beautiful Barcelona. Costa Brava is a territory where many tourists rest.

It was always loved by artists and poets from Europe. Here is the birthplace of Salvador Dali.
Famous people lived at different times in the resort.