Cadbury World (Cadbury World)

Sweets contribute to the production of the hormone of joy and cheer up, and you can find yourself in an atmosphere of fun at the Cadbury World confectionery factory in Bournville. It’s not far from Birmingham. Cadbury’s World was opened in 1990 as a museum. Now it’s a huge amusement park.

Each of the 14 departments of the attraction tells about the history of the company and the origin of chocolate in different interpretations.

In “The Aztec Jungle”, walking through the “jungle” with waterfalls, you will learn about the Aztecs and their cocoa bean drink.
A fascinating 3-D story about the road of cocoa beans to Europe can be found in “The Journey to Europe”. The zone is made in the form of a sailing ship.

The performance in Bull Street will take visitors 190 years back to John Cadbury’s store, where the first hot chocolate was sold.
In the “The Cadbury Story” zone, tourists will learn how the company itself and “Cadbury Dairy Milk” – their famous chocolate – originated. “Chocolate Making” introduces the process of making chocolate.

In “Manufacturing” you can learn about the production technology and the range of sweets produced by the company. And “Packaging Plant” will tell and show in a three-dimensional image how the packaging process proceeds, fully performed by the Flex6 robot.
You can ride among the chocolate figures on unique “bobomobiles” in the “Cadabra” zone. Demonstration Area is a department where they work with melted chocolate, and everyone will be able to try themselves in this business.
The Advertising zone shows the company’s commercials for its entire history. The “Purple Planet” department is fun with a variety of entertainment.

“The World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop– is a souvenir shopping area. There is a huge store with the company’s products. The “The Bournville Experience” will learn the history of the city of Bournville itself and about the Cadbury family, and interesting exhibits will help in this. The most favorite zone of all visitors is “Essence”. Here everyone becomes the creator of their own chocolate, which they can then eat.

To get to Cadbury’s World, book your tickets in advance. At least half a million people come there every year from all over the world. Admission costs ten pounds.
Cadbury World will not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. And children in general will be delighted to find themselves in a fairy-tale sweet house. But without the evil witch.

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