Big Buddha in Pattaya, Thailand

Known to tourists as Big Buddha Hill or Pratamnak Hill, Big Buddha Hill is a must-see in Pattaya. There is a temple and a large gilded Buddha statue, around which smaller statues are placed – these are the Buddhas of the days of the week.
Compared to the palace complexes in the capital, this place, of course, is not particularly splendid. Nevertheless, both guests of the resort and locals often come here.

The statue was erected on the territory of the complex in 1977; at that time it was not gold, but white. You can climb to it by the main staircase, which is guarded by statues of dragon-headed serpents. The height of the Buddha sitting in the lotus position is about 15 meters; in front of the statue there is a special place for prayer, incense burning and offering flowers.

Not far from the statue, you can buy a bird in a cage: the belief says that by releasing it, you will attract good luck and prosperity. On the way to the Buddha, a number of bells are hung, and by ringing them, you will also contribute to the fulfillment of your wish. And by transferring a feasible donation to one of the monks, you will receive a blessing prayer and a protective bracelet rope on your hand.

There is also an observation deck with a good view of the resort.

This sacred place amazes not only with the beauty of architecture and gorgeous views, but also with many interesting rituals for clearing karma.

Big Buddha Hill is a sacred place for local residents, which is a large complex of religious shrines and monuments. The central element of the complex is a statue of Buddha majestically seated in the lotus position. A staircase of 120 steps leads to the monument, decorated with dragons and snakes.

There is a belief that on this ladder one can test oneself and one’s life: going up and down the steps must be thoughtfully and carefully counted; if you count 120 – you are on the right path, your life is harmonious and directed in the right direction; if the number does not agree, something is wrong in your being, it’s time to correct your mistakes. And in order to immediately clear your karma, you should hit the bell by the stairs with a wooden sledgehammer.

For 100 baht, you will be given the opportunity to open a cage with birds in captivity – here it is believed that this act improves karma.

And in no case leave here, bypassing the Buddhist monk, who will tie a talisman around his wrist – a talisman that protects from troubles and ailments.

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