Bezdez Castle

On a high hill, which gave the name to the village located at its base, to the south of the Machov Lake, which stretches its waters in Bohemia in the north of the Czech Republic, stands the medieval castle Bezdez.

Przemysl Otakkar II, the great king of the Czech Republic, ordered to build it in the middle of the thirteenth century. This castle was conceived as a defensive structure, strengthening the power of the king in the region, and in twelve years of construction it was turned into a real fortress.

The past centuries have left a big imprint, both in the history of the castle and in its appearance. After its defensive functions became unnecessary, for a long time it served as a habitat for Benedictine monks, who maintained and expanded the structure intact.

But after the abolition of the monastery at the end of the eighteenth century, the castle was abandoned. It served as a shelter for robbers and vagabonds and began to deteriorate rapidly, falling into disrepair. And only a century later, extensive restoration began to be carried out here.

Currently, Bezdez Castle is one of the attractions of the Czech Republic, a place of mass tourist visits. As in the old days, a narrow steep path leads to the castle, originating from the village of Bezdez. The views that open from above when climbing compensate nature lovers for all the difficulties that arise.

The architecture of the castle in the Gothic style is strict and majestic, preserving the power and impressiveness of the defensive structure. The tallest structure is a large tower rising forty meters. A wide view opens from its sites, so admission there was prohibited until recently. But after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the Czech Republic, anyone can go up there.

All sorts of legends are associated with the castle. One of them tells about devils living in the towers of the castle and throwing money on the noses on the path leading to the castle. If a person picks up at least one coin, then he will go to hell. However, most ancient castles have similar legends.

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