Beverly Hills is a unique suburb of Los Angeles

Beverly Hills is compared to a whole world of luxury and glory. The attractive suburb of Los Angeles impresses with well-maintained mansions, villas of the rich, celebrities and stars.

Beverly Hills

It combines the style and sophistication of modern and developed living in a multitude of colorful colors and scenery of urban landscapes, attracting with amenities and modern perfections.

Beverly Hills sign

Famous suburb of Los Angeles

This amazing place is literally saturated with the chic of the luxurious life of the rich and famous. Everything here amazes and shocks, and creates the impression of an unusually well-groomed and well-maintained suburb, where parks and gardens are dressed in bright colors, and luxurious palaces with pools delight with chic and comfort, decorated with exotic flowers, fountains and sculptures.

Memorial Park

The charming street layout attracts convenience with neat and clean boulevards where luxury limousines are parked. Beverly Hills resembles an independent corner of cool America, where chic villas and restaurants are like open-air museums. Walking along the numerous boulevards gives pleasant emotions and creates an opportunity to take unforgettable photos of luxurious facades and hedges.

Beverly Hills park

The well-groomed streets amaze with silence and tranquility, and the trees growing here sway beautifully and smoothly from the light wind. Rodeo Drive is the fashionable name for the most famous street in Beverly Hills with many boutiques, luxury perfume and cosmetics stores. A bright and calm suburb of Los Angeles is located in a favorable climate zone and is distinguished by consistently favorable weather.

The most interesting excursions for wealthy tourists and eminent guests of the city are often organized in the city of Angels. Beverly Hills is populated by famous people and stars, and because of this, this place has gained worldwide popularity. The rich area is a cultural center with a luxurious theater, and happy and serene citizens spend their leisure time in many entertainment venues and children’s attractions.

Beverly Hills fountain

Attractions Beverly Hills

Beverly Garden is an attractive attraction and a great place to relax. The freshness of the beautiful park area is appreciated by many citizens and guests of the city. The park of extraordinary beauty has a large length and attracts with lush and beautiful vegetation. A popular place for adults and children, it is decorated with sculptures, fountains, rose gardens and beautiful flower beds. Bright, fun events and trade fairs are held here, attracting crowds of lovers of quality goods.

Beverly Hills Canyon Gardens

The home of the Beatles is world renowned as the home of a legendary and popular band that delights fans and admirers. The large and comfortable mansion is built in the Spanish style and has several spacious rooms that contain evidence of the triumphant greatness of the most unforgettable band of all time.

Beverly Hills Beatles

There are many interesting and exciting things in Beverly Hills that are worthy of attention and have a high price. The home of the bohemian Hollywood is distinguished by ideal roads, well-groomed parks and glamorous chic of shops.