Belgium: the country of beer and chocolate

It is useless to ask people who have returned from a trip to Belgium about their impressions on the first day, they bring so many memories with them. Only after a while do endless stories begin about the beauty of both cities and nature.

France, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg are located next to Belgium. The country is washed by the North Sea. To understand what a beautiful Belgium is, you need to know that it is divided into several districts. The first is the so-called low Belgium, with sand dunes and low-lying areas of fertile land – polders that are under threat of flooding, so they are protected by dams. Here is the Flemish lowland, beyond which there are extensive forests and corn fields in the Kempen area.

Middle Belgium is an area of clay plains with the most fertile soils, where a beautiful and fabulous beech forest is located, and the land is allocated for arable land and meadows. There are many cities in this part of the country. High Belgium has a small population, but a lot of forests. The Ardennes Mountains are located here.

The cities of Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Mechelen, Ghent, Charleroi and many others are very unusual and architecturally interesting, where ancient and modern architecture are closely intertwined and peacefully coexist with each other. In order to get acquainted with the sights of Belgium in advance, it is necessary to purchase travel guides in advance.

Brussels. Its business card is a huge atom made of iron. It is unique in that it is 160 billion times larger than the original. The Palace of Justice impresses with its grandeur. The parliament building, built of glass and concrete, is very strict and formidable. A pissing boy attracts all tourists, a sculpture of his girlfriend is hidden somewhere nearby, which is found in a guidebook. No tourist will pass by the old central square with the town hall and the King’s House. Bruges. For ten centuries there has been a main market square here, where even now every Wednesday morning the market buzzes, numerous goods are sold. It seems that at this very moment, as many years ago, from the tower of Beffroy, the herald will shout out new laws. From here you can, sitting in a real carriage, go on a trip around the city.

Antwerp. It is here that the most beautiful cathedral in the country, Notre Dame, is located. And the main square has experienced many shocks, having visited the cathedral cemetery, the flower market, and parking. There are many restaurants and cafes in Belgium where they can feed you deliciously and nutritiously. Only here they will cook fried mussels according to all the rules, meat with salad according to a special national recipe. The peculiarity of Belgian cuisine is delicious fried potatoes and waffles. This is not surprising, because they appeared in this country. It’s no secret that the sweet tooth of many countries come here for another portion of chocolate, because professional confectioners know how to please their many fans by creating divine masterpieces. Callebaut, Cote d’Or, Neuhaus, Leonidas, Guylian and Gonodiva are the most famous brands of Belgian chocolate,

Large and small pastry shops are open all over the country, where you can really enjoy delicious cakes, pastries, pralines of local manufacture. To the great joy of beer lovers and connoisseurs, there are more than 500 brands at their service in shops and pubs, and the recipe for the most delicious has been kept secret for more than 400 years. Since the XVI century, there has been a confederation of chefs here, whose headquarters has been occupied for 300 years by an old mansion on the Grand Place in the capital of the country. You can visit here to visit a museum dedicated to beer and learn a lot about this eternally delicious drink. You can tell a lot about Belgium, but you need to see it – magnificent landscapes, beautiful architecture, and hospitable Belgians who are always very happy to have guests.

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