Argentina Top Locations

This country is considered to be the birthplace of tango, as well as a country in which more than 750 thousand illegal migrants live. In Argentina you will find the most beautiful monuments of architecture, museums, national parks and nature reserves. The ideal time to visit Patagonia is from December to February, and for ski lovers, the time is from June to October. The snow-covered Andes will open their slopes to all tourists.

You will be arriving by plane. The flight will take at least 15 hours and, naturally, after the trip, you will need to gain strength before the upcoming trip. With the help of taxis or city buses, you can move freely around the city. There is a metro in Buenos Aires, and international buses will happily take you to Chile, Bolivia or Brazil. You can stay at a local hotel, but do not forget to bring an adapter for an outlet.

It is best to start your acquaintance with local heritage from Iguazu Park. The park has a famous waterfall, which is considered one of the largest. Its height is 80 meters.

The name of the next place is no less interesting than its content – this is Tierra del Fuego. This name hides the city of Ushuaia. Excursions to Antarctica start from here. Such famous personalities as Ferdinand Magellan, Charles Darwin and Francis Drake managed to look into these parts.

The visiting card of Buenos Aires can be considered an open-air museum, which is located right on Caminito Street. What is interesting is that cars do not drive along this street, the houses there are painted in bright colors, and there are life-size statues on the sidewalks. At the flea market, you can buy handicrafts, souvenirs or canvases. Tango rhythms are everywhere here. In the center of the capital is the Obelisk monument. Its height is 67m, and the spiral staircase has about 200 steps.

Los Glaciares National Park, which is located in Patagonia, is considered a natural heritage of mankind. 30% of the territory is covered with ice. This park has 47 large glaciers, 13 of which feed the Atlantic Ocean.

Football fans should like the famous La Bombonero stadium. It is here that the most burning matches of Latin America take place.

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