Amazing Italy

Italy, as the center of Europe, has always attracted a lot of tourists with its comfortable beaches, history and sights: cultural and historical monuments, extraordinarily beautiful places, national features and traditions, production of wonderful goods. Italy is an amazing and extraordinary country. Having been here once, you will want to come back here again.

Despite the small area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis state, tourists here are always met by an incredible variety of colors of the local population, everything has its own special meaning and taste. What can we say about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Roman Colosseum or the Venetian Canal? Is it possible not to see it and capture it in your memory, especially in a photograph. Also quite popular are shopping tours in Milan, known for their unique gifts and souvenirs.

The territory of Italy is divided into twenty regions. The smallest province is Liguria. It is famous for its unique recreational resorts: Genoa, San Reno and Portofino. There are also amazing coastal strips, which gradually turn into rocky cliffs, behind which you can find small fishing villages.

But in order to get acquainted with Italy, it is not necessary to go to Rome. Everything here breathes history and peace, from the oldest citadels to remote provincial towns. A visit to the unique Venice with its gondolas, canals and the majestic residence of the Doges. Well, for those who like to soak up the healing thermal springs, the Euganean Hills are suitable.

In addition to all the splendor of cultural sites, it is worth paying special attention to Italian cuisine. Its richness of aromas and splendor of tastes cannot be compared with all Italian cuisines of other countries, as in their homeland Italians make it with pride and love.

All regions of Italy have their own ancient traditions, which also affected the specifics of local cuisine, making it special for each province, increasing its originality, originality and cooking options.

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