The Path We Have Traveled


Being poor really poor for the first extended period in your life, really sucks.


Could I?

This is one way to go crazy, with my ass hanging out beyond the burbs

We all poor now, part of the purge

Just wanted a spot to call our own, bills paid n some time to roam

It all broke down, not much left for the rest

A rest is an idea, then I wouldn’t have to stay

Until the end or we think up a play

I’m glad they're not around to see it today

I could write a happy ending.

I could live in a dream

One things for sure, I am glad we’re a team

One More Time



The cause of all our personal problems and nearly all the problems of the world can be summed up in a single sentence:
Human life is very deep, and our modern dominant lifestyle is not.
--Bo Lozoff