The Path We Have Traveled


A work describing the unfolding of hope and my success at recognizing hope
in order to be released from pain and oppression and receive spiritual healing.



A Smile Less Angry

This is and has always been the pain of my soul
First was the pain of torture and oppression
Then the pain of seeing what I had become
This brought about a compulsion to purge myself of the oppressor that I had become
Years and years of unfolding and seeing
Each sight brought its own new challenge and pain
Sometimes I felt that to move forward would kill me
Always I knew that to stop would mean no end to the pain
Just when it seemed as if I could not stand any more
I felt a shift, a tiny bit of peace so small that it could blow away and often did
After time I recognized it to be, hope
Something I thought dead in me
Something I dared not believe in
But still it grew and became my guide
It still can be fragile and fleeting but I have learned to believe in it
I have learned to trust that it has always been in me
Waiting for a safe place to grow
Waiting to save me from a life of pain and futility
The work continues and it is seldom easy
But I am no longer alone
I was never alone
As I continue to expel from me that which is not Love
It is a touch less lonely
A smile less angry
And a silence more understanding

One More Time



The cause of all our personal problems and nearly all the problems of the world can be summed up in a single sentence:
Human life is very deep, and our modern dominant lifestyle is not.
--Bo Lozoff