The Path We Have Traveled


After reading Bo Lozoff's book "We're All Doing Time" I attended one of his lectures.
He has a great message which I thoroughly enjoy.

Resources and recommendations I have collected from Bo Lozoff.


Bo & Sita Lozoff have been married since 1966 and founded the Prison-Ashram Project in 1973.
They created Human Kindness Foundation in 1987 to encompass the prison work and other projects.

We're All Doing Time
His first book has a simply put easy to follow message, including an introduction to Hatha yoga
that I found extremely easy to start and still use today.

It's a Meaningfull Life
In this book Bo continued to gently guide me on my path.


"Anything that can happen to a human being may happen to me, and I accept the truth of this.

--Bo Lozoff