The Path We Have Traveled


A. A. was the touchstone of my path back into the light.

Here are some Alcoholics Anonymous resources I have collected over the years.

Collected Resources and Recommendations


Digital (PDF) Copies of A.A. Literature and Logo


The Basic Text (Big Book) of Alcoholics Anonymous

The A.A. 12 Steps and 12 Traditions

The A.A. Service Manual

A New Pair of Glasses
Chuck C and Alcoholics Anonymous

There's More to Quitting Drinking Than Quitting Drinking
Dr Paul O
This is not A.A. Conference approved literature.

The 12 Daily Actions to Being Happy Joyous and Free
This is not A.A. Conference approved literature.

A simple guide to Roberts Rules of Order (Parliamentary Procedure)
Great for business meetings. This is not A.A. Conference approved literature.



To establish and maintain the new order of things, were the essential requirements.
Simple, but not easy; a price had to be paid. It meant destruction of self-centeredness.
I must turn in all things to the Father of Light who presides over us all.
These were revolutionary and drastic proposals, but the moment I fully accepted them, the effect was electric.
There was a sense of victory, followed by such a peace and serenity as I had never known.
There was utter confidence. I felt lifted up, as though the great clean wind of a mountain top blew through and through.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous - page 14